narayan thapa

Narayan Thapa:: Redhat Certified Engineer(RHCE), Redhat Certified Technician(RHCT),PHP Programmer and IT consultant from Nepal

Hi guys..


Enjoy and make this day memorable at least for next 364 days

I Hope this new years brings Peace , Prosperity , Good Health for you and your family along with lot’s of success through out the year …. And it will surely do …


When My Hands are typing this year’s wishes I remembered the sweet moments of the last year which surely are a rare moments I ever had , that will forever strike my mind …


I know, you all wished me very good year .. 2064.. and it was good too (not so funny joke).

Beginning jestha.. it was good decision to close readNepal with very unwanted events.. that happened accidentally due to……….?

At the mid of 2064… it is another funny, unwanted and unconvinced condition and criteria.. that I have got somehow.. and I knew… it will surely hurt me .. … always.. :(

Playing with options.. always (!).. is not a bad idea.. but when I am wishing you very good year.. I shouldn’t play ….. ..

I knew very good things .. at the mid of year.. after feeling.. and analyzing things.. when all those played .. (I am not a cricket ball :( )

On last quarter .. it was very good to me.. at least.. I was clear  about where to vote.. (vote.. ?? lol, confusing words..)

Last week I went to my village to vote on constitutional election.. held on April 10th.. ( I don’t know how costly it was).. and when I am posting all these things.. here results are coming.. and I am feeling.. I am going to change my shoes.. very soon…. after a long time.. (getting my points ?).. may be on this month.

Changing old shoes .. it will be my very good beginning again.. for me..for you.. and for all.. so wish me(or all) happy new year…..