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Narayan Thapa:: Redhat Certified Engineer(RHCE), Redhat Certified Technician(RHCT),PHP Programmer and IT consultant from Nepal

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After a long time.. I have lunched IBB website (new look ?) and also corporate blog. URL’s can be browsed here

Internet Business Bureau

Internet Business Bureau - Corporate Blog 

Beside this, doing same job, same work, and same other few stuffs and trying few to complete (for new to post) and not sure but confident. I will post soon with new changes …..


  1. अनि रेडियो उज्यालो चाँहि कता गयो त ??? आईबिबी बाट ब्रोडकास्ट हुनै हैन, रेडियो उज्यालो नेट मा ॥ खै, सुन्नै पाइएन ।

  2. Hey aakaR,

    Thanks for your comment la.. but did you visited UNN site recently.. ?? At this time it is not broadcasting online.. :(

  3. aAkaR
    12:20 am on August 1st, 2008

    त्यही त मेन्टेनेन्स भनेर लेखिरा’छ ।

  4. Yea,

    Ani aakaR, did you browsed IBB new website ?? Hopefully yes… thanks :)

  5. aAkaR
    12:13 am on August 2nd, 2008

    म रेडियो यहाँ बाट सुन्थेँ rtsp://,554,7070 मलाई लाग्छ यो IBB कै हो । IBB ले host गरिरा भए, मेरो ब्लग बाट सुन्न मिल्थ्यो नि त यो रेडियो ।
    अनि अर्को कुरा मैले IBB को कुना-कुना हेरिसकेँ । :)

  6. :)

    Thanks.. yea, at this time.. we have stopped live streaming and not sure till yet we will continue or not..that on future.. however you can listen gorkhafm live through ni..

  7. ok….
    अब गोर्खा एफ एम कै प्लगइन बनाएर ब्लग मा राख्नुपर्ला जस्तो छ ।
    तर एउटा कुरा है, उज्यालो को लाईभ चाँहि नटुटे हुन्थ्यो । यो रेडियो आफैँ मा फरक छ । अनि काम लाग्ने रेडियो स्टेसन मध्ये रेडियो उज्यालो पनि एक हो ।

  8. Yea aakaR,

    I wish to continue, but wishing IBB alone is not possible to continue.. let’s see..

    Cheers with gorkhafm :)

  9. yes, that’s true….
    and I hope that ujyalo also contiuned it… anyway, cheeers to gorkha fm..

  10. अनि लाई चाँहि खै त लिंक गरेको ????

  11. hehehe, there is few things to edit on site.. so not updated on when it will be completed surely I will upload there as well.. :)

  12. ba ba…

    yehi chat suru bhaichha!

    Enjoyed chat.

  13. 2 jana matra bhako thiyo, thanks for being 3rd :)

  14. hehe, chatting ……….
    group chattttttt…

  15. ……. ibb le banauna lageko ho ?

  16. :)

    aakaR, I was just registered domain to provide free blog account on this domain by installing wordpress MU last year. But “Kahilyai fursad bhayako haina, tasai ta lazy boy” so we can run it with good ideas but not for commercial propose. :)

  17. tyo pani ramrai kuro ta ho ni…

  18. Yea, may be tara rati 12:15 samma computer ma baser k chahi gardai sathi :)

  19. I am subscribed to whatever posted in here in comment.