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I have just few minutes write.. I am waiting for something.. that need to be done today..

I thought  to write.. and decided to write anout MySQL vs. PostgreSQL.

Nepal government is going to develop electronic gate pass system to make easy entry on Shinhadurbar. Project is ongoing e-governance practice..that is happening under NITC  

I have reviewed TOR (term of reference)  regarding to the project and really disappointed regarding to their theory and and their requirement for this.

I don’t know who prepared TOR for NITC (May be engineers who are working there or some another  IT company). But they decided to use PostgreSQL(I think first time in Nepal).

They  have prepared a long list about features for using PostgreSQL (I think that is not necessary to describe there) but they didn’t thought and described  about why they can’t do use MySQL.

I will post all details on next post (when I will have that TOR and detail about that project).

However according to my experience working with both database system and after doing research regarding to choose which database system is best for intranet (gate pass system also intranet application)/internet applications I prefer to choose MySQL. I have made intranet application for few government offices in Nepal and non government offices as well.

I will post all features regarding to both database system by comparing. But one truth and experience of most of the developers is “MySQL is relatively faster than PostgreSQL (which is need for this project)”.

I don’t know who is playing behind on this project.. beginning the preparing of TOR to.. but it is not a good way to use donors money as like this.. :)

haha, time up for now.. will post detail till end of this week. :)


  1. Why would PostgreSQL be such a terrible waste?
    It does not have any license fees (just like MySQL) and the phrase “MySQL is relatively faster than PostgreSQL” is a myth. (Once true doesn’t mean always true.)

    What still is true though is that PostgreSQL is true ACID and would guarantee the integrity of the data.

    I’m not saying MySQL would be a bad choice, depending on the requirements.

    Further I wonder; If they would have motivated why they didn’t choose MySQL, wouldn’t they have been forced to motivate not using Oracle, MSSQL, etc too?

  2. Abdul Yadi
    4:25 am on May 26th, 2008

    I have used PostgreSQL for about last 5 years. I am managed to build the so-called “ideal system”. The table relations has been designed and operated in Object Oriented fashion:
    1. Records in tables are kept private. (No one except administrator can do SELECT * FROM …). The tables are DATA MEMBER.
    2. Business logics are programmed in C language and deployed as PostgreSQL user defined functions, They act as MEMBER FUNCTIONS.
    3. All repetitive query are well-planed using PostgreSQL query-plan.
    4. All bulky query are made through server side cursor.
    5. Potentially huge-fast-growing table sizes are designed as Partition tables through PostgreSQL’s table inheritance capability.
    6. And many technical things I can’t list here.

    Form my point of view, it is correct decision to choose PostgreSQL as RDBMS instead of MYSQL.

    From Batam, Indonesia with Love
    (Abdul Yadi)

  3. Hello,

    nice to know Nepal is adopting PostgreSQL !
    I’m PostgreSQL developer for more than 10 years and can provide some help.

    I plan to visi Nepal this april-may for trekking around Annapurna and in principle we could organize small PostgreSQL meeting.