narayan thapa

Narayan Thapa:: Redhat Certified Engineer(RHCE), Redhat Certified Technician(RHCT),PHP Programmer and IT consultant from Nepal


Happy b’day arzun sir

It’s a great day. As usual we have enjoyed (?). There was a little difference (not more) way to enjoy on this year. We (I think near 25, not exactly) have visited Daman (a beautiful places when it’s snowing) and came back. :) We have missed you sriju today (However it’s good..that I think). Hope your chitwan trip enjoyful.

Nothing to say today. May be for arzun sir…I need to tell something…but…but (I have no words to say).

I have not camera and mobile with that features. I will post snap here if possible to get from those people who cached up that moment.

Happy b’day again and enjoy.


  1. which one is arjur sir?

    baffre sabai jaana sir nai sir

  2. A handsome guy with black shirt and smoking on his own style…