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art.chopra.jpgLONDON, England (CNN)Film critic and author Anupama Chopra has been writing about Indian cinema since 1993. Her 2007 book “King of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan and the Seductive World of Indian Cinema” received widespread acclaim on publication. Here she tells CNN about Shah Rukh Khan’s unique allure.

Anu Chopra writes for India Today — India’s largest English language magazine — and has also written a book on the film, and Bollywood phenomenon: Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (”The Bravehearted Will Take the Bride”).

CNN: What is it about Shah Rukh Khan? What makes him so huge in India?

Anu Chopra: He is not just huge in this country, but globally. And not just with Indians. I see him connecting in numerous ways. In places like Germany they are nuts about him. The Malaysians and Indonesians just love him. I think his charisma transcends the craft. It transcends everything. In his earlier work the movies are loud and so is he, but you can’t take your eyes of him. His screen presence is still incredible even when his hair was all over the place. And he didn’t look suave or like the great romantic hero he is now. But you just can’t take your eyes of him. He is just completely magnetic.

CNN: What made you want to right this book in the first place?

AC: I did a book “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge” (The Brave-Hearted Will Take the Bride) for the British Film Institute which looked very closely at the phenomenon of the film — it is the longest running Indian film and has been in the theatres for 12 years. While I was doing that book I got very intrigued by the Shah Rukh Khan story - his own personal story, coming out of Delhi not knowing anyone in the movies and becoming this big superstar. And also in the way that he connects with the new India, and the way his movies are a reflection of so much else that has gone on in this country, and in the film industry. So I wanted to make a book that had all those connections and do a book that becomes a journey into popular Indian culture through Shah Rukh Khan. This is why I wrote the book.

CNN: It seems that in his film career he hasn’t been afraid to play a range of roles.

AC: Baazigar and Darr [both 1993] are roles of psychopaths that go around killing people for no apparent reason. These are not roles that the Hindu movie hero would do. Many, many big stars had said no to those roles before he took them on. He didn’t just take on one but two roles, and then he signed for a third, which did not work as well. I think he has incredibly good instincts about what makes a good film and what would make an entertaining film. He is instinctively an entertainer and he wants his audience to be happy. His instincts on that are on the money every time, because look at the consistency of his success. It’s been 15 years now and he still roles them out every year, one after another.

CNN: Why do you think cinema is so important to the Indian people? Why is Bollywood so influential?

AC: I think it connects with people. I can speak as someone who loves Bollywood and buys first show tickets and sits in the theatre. I love the emotion of it, and I think that is what connects with people. I love the non-cynicism of it. It is not dark or cynical like so much European or Western cinema. It is positive, it is happy, but it is not infantile. It’s optimistic. I write in my book that it is a collective expression of hope and it is a necessary comfort for all of us. Of course I love the song and dance. It is just wonderful.

CNN: What was your impression of him behind the scenes?

AC: I had always heard and then seen that his energy is unstoppable. When I first interviewed him I had been working for India Today for 10-11 years, and I profiled him for the magazine. When he was just coming up it was this manic energy going on. It is incredible that his energy has not blunted, nor his determination to do the right thing. You would think this super stardom would blunt it somewhat, that he’d get complacent, I am king of the world, what do I need to do? But I see him now and he is just as driven, just as energetic. Up at 2am and completely on top of it. And everyone is telling him to go to bed. I don’t know how he does it. He is an incredibly grounded person. That he has kept that is amazing, because the frenzy around him is incredible. I don’t think a western superstar - Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, men who are big celebrities - can walk down a street in any town in the world where they are worshiped as living gods. Shah Rukh Khan is worshipped. I have met mature adults who say that he is god, and its bewildering, amazing and intriguing. It’s a very worshipful stance that viewers have towards stars. Despite that he remains grounded.

CNN: Did you get a sense that he keeps his two worlds — film and family — separate, or do they blur?

AC: I think it is impossible to disconnect the man from the pedestal. But as I mentioned, he is incredibly grounded. His priority is with the family and children. All of that has worked out perfectly. When I met him he said he had to stop to play a football match with his son. All of his son’s friends gathered around. The way he explained it to me is that Shah Rukh Khan the star doesn’t interfere with Shah Rukh Khan the person. He is clear about his priorities.

CNN: As a Muslim in a largely Hindu industry, has Shah Rukh Khan helped to bridge wider religious divides?

AC: Absolutely. As a Muslim superstar in a predominantly Hindu country, he presents a different face of Islam. He is educated, articulate and is at the pinnacle of his success. He is a great Muslim role model and absolutely sends out a great signal and helps to bridge the gap between Hindus and Muslims. Of course the strife between them is too old, too deep-seated and too complicated to be solved by one actor, but for sure I think he goes a long way in helping to bridge those gaps.

CNN: In terms of the western cinema how important has Shah Rukh Khan been in promoting Indian cinema abroad?

AC: Huge. Shah Rukh Khan has been the number one driver of Bollywood overseas. The UK has a top 10 of Hindi movies released from 1995 — 2007. Since they started tracking Hindi films eight out of ten have starred Shah Rukh. His prowess at the overseas box office has not been matched yet. I was doing an interview with him once on the phone and he was walking down Oxford Street in London. I was in Mumbai doing the interview and he was talking to me about his neck operation and he was like I can’t talk now, I am being mobbed. So there aren’t many streets in the UK that he can walk down. He is probably safe walking down a street in middle-America but not in New York.

Nasreen Kabir - Q&A

art.kabir.jpgLONDON, England (CNN)Television producer and author Nasreen Kabir has an intimate knowledge of Indian cinema and has penned several books on the subject including “Bollywood, The Indian Cinema Story” (2001). In 2005 she produced the two-part documentary “The Inner and Outer World of Shah Rukh Khan” — an intimate and expansive portrait of the man. Here she talks to CNN about the Bollywood superstar.

CNN: How would you describe Shah Rukh Khan?

Nasreen Kabir: Well, the very first time I saw him, he was late. He was about four hours late for an interview that I was supposed to do and I was obviously getting a bit irritated. But when you meet Shah Rukh you forget about everything else. He has that kind of personality and he is very engaging. I did say to Shah Rukh once: “When you’re there you fully there, and when you’re gone your fully gone.” And that’s really Shah Rukh. You know he is very, very present in the moment. He is a man of the moment and his full personality is visible to you and is shared with you in the moment.

CNN: How do you reconcile that? The fact that when you meet him he is so charming and he is so friendly and he is engaging and yet, he is so difficult to pin down. Is that the sign of diva-esque qualities or is it just that he is genuinely very busy?

Nasreen Kabir: What I think happens is that in Indian culture you find that it is very rude to say no to somebody. So the tendency is to say: “Later, I’ll try, call me back”, and so on. But you never say no because it is regarded as dismissive and cold, and Indian culture doesn’t really encourage that kind of behavior. So you take someone like Shah Rukh, who has maybe fifty people a day or an hour who would like to meet him. Not just fans, we’re talking about business, other producers, directors, writers, ad-makers and so on. So he’s got to say no to a lot of people. So therefore it may appear that he is behaving like a star, or a bit of a diva and all that, but he is actually overwhelmed and I believe that he really needs forty-eight hours in twenty-four.

CNN: What do you think are his priorities in his life?

Nasreen Kabir: I think for Shah Rukh Khan, the family comes first. He may have a billion fans or two billion fans, but he really is totally dedicated to his children, his wife, his sister and the memory of his parents.

CNN: How would you describe his wife Gauri?

Nasreen Kabir: I think that she has a very strong sense of herself. Shah Rukh’s wife is somebody who is very self-contained. She has a certain inner peace about her and she is not terribly interested in films or the film world. So for her it isn’t a problem to stay slightly apart. Plus, she is extremely straightforward and down to earth at another level, and she realizes that when people come towards them, it is to meet Shah Rukh. She knows that she has some very close friends that she can rely on, and Shah Rukh always says — and it is probably true — that Gauri is very shy and maybe that is what it is. She may appear aloof to people, but I think she is quite shy. But she has a great sense of reality, that he is the star and she is happy for him to be the star.”

CNN: Is religion an important part of their children’s upbringing?

Nasreen Kabir: Well what happens is that, because Gauri is a Hindu and he is Muslim, he wants his children to know the best of both religions and therefore wants them to perhaps choose if they want to later in life. But he wants them to see the virtues of both and what both religions can offer. So, that is why you will find that he will celebrate Eed — which is the Muslim celebration every year — and he will also celebrate the Hindu New Year which is called Diwali. He also talks about celebrating Christmas too. Many people in India are used to this kind of fusion between different religions. There is the very separate reality of religion, but there is also an acknowledgement of the other religions. Religion, every religion, is so present in India, that if you’ve got a mother who is Hindu and a father who is Muslim, it would be hard to exclude one or the other. And he is a very secular man, Shah Rukh, and he believes in embracing all religions and allowing his children to respect both religions. But what is clear, Shah Rukh is very God-fearing and he does believe in Allah.

CNN: So you say he is secular but also God-fearing?

Nasreen Kabir: I’d say so. Secular in as much that he doesn’t want to impose his religion on other people or live by every rule of the religion. But secular really, in India, means that it is all-inclusive, that you will accept the Hinduism, Muslims and Buddhists and Jains and everyone. You don’t judge people on the basis of who they are in terms of religion.

CNN: What does Shah Rukh Khan mean to Bollywood?

Nasreen Kabir: I would say that for every generation, and I’d say it happens every twenty years, Hindi cinema actually focuses on one actor and that actor, which is an entirely magical formula. There isn’t any set formula why that particular actor takes over, but you’ll find every twenty years in Hindi films, you’ll have a new star. And from the early nineties, Shah Rukh’s personality on screen has been growing. The adoration has been growing. And finally, I think, he has taken the number one spot. And it really does happen over twenty years. I do believe this is a cycle and it is his time now. And it’s his time under the sun, and it’s his. I wouldn’t say he’s at his peek because I think he’s still got lots of very, very big and important films to make. But I would say he is the man of today. And Indian cinema, without Shah Rukh Khan, isn’t a star-studded cinema. He is the star of the cinema today.

CNN: What makes him such a big star?

Nasreen Kabir: I think that when Shah Rukh’s films started becoming very popular, if you look at the kind of hero he plays, they’re heroes who are fairly middle class, educated, city people. And that kind of hero reflects Indian middle classes that are now growing much larger in number. So he represented a hero who was not really terribly kind of concerned in a way socially or politically, but he was a fun-loving hero with a lot of heart. And with the big films like “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge” or “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”, these are all the big films of the nineties that he was the hero. You’ll find they’re basically love stories. They’re basically stories about family, and getting the girl that you love. So they’re not exactly politically hard-hitting or anything, but his kind of popularity coincided with this growing middle class in India. The aspirations are about success, about achievement really and here was a hero who had already achieved a status within society and his only goal was really love.

CNN: Has not being a trained dancer hindered Shah Rukh Khan’s film performances in any way?

Nasreen Kabir: I think he struggles with the dancing, but I think he has such a lot of charm and a lot of kind of charisma, but if you look at a dance sequence, I am pretty sure you are looking at his face. You are not looking at his dance steps and his feet. So as a dancer you would say that if you looked at a genuine dancer — like another actor called Hrithik Roshan — who is the best today in Indian cinema, you’d look at his feet, you’d look at his hands, you would look at his body. But with Shah Rukh, you’re really quite transfixed by his face, and his movements and his hands and he often says he does this kind of a grand gesture which gives you the illusion of dance. But I think the whole personality is so, I don’t know, appealing to the fans and the people who like him that they don’t really look at the feet, so we don’t know if he is a good dancer.

CNN: Why do you think his working relationship with choreographer and director Farah Khan is so strong?


I have prepared to post this on Feb but lost few lines.. mistakenly … and lately thought to post.. and did..

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पेरिस में भी शाहरुख़ की प्रतिमा


यूरोप में भी हिंदी फ़िल्मों के प्रशंसक हैं

इस बात से शायद ही कोई इनकार करे कि शाहरुख़ ख़ान बॉलीवुड के बादशाह है पर उनकी ख़्याति धीरे-धीरे यूरोप में भी फैल रही है.

पहले फ्रांस की सरकार ने उन्हें प्रतिष्ठित ‘ऑफ़िसर ऑफ आर्डर ऑफ आर्टस एंड लिटरेचर’ से नवाज़ा और पेरिस स्थित प्रसिद्ध ‘ग्रेविन वेक्स म्यूज़ियम’ में उनकी प्रतिमा लगी है.

एजेंसियों के हवाले से कहा गया है कि शाहरुख़ ख़ान ने सोमवार को ग्रेविन वेक्स म्यूज़ियम में मोम से बनी अपनी आदमकद प्रतिमा का अनावरण किया.

शाहरूख ख़ान के अलावा सिर्फ़ राष्ट्रपिता महात्मा गाँधी ही ऐसे भारतीय है जिनकी प्रतिमा इस म्यूज़ियम में लगी हुई है.

उल्लेखनीय है कि लंदन के प्रसिद्ध मैडम तुसॉद म्यूज़ियम में भी शाहरूख़ ख़ान की प्रतिमा लगी हुई है. इस म्यूज़ियम में बॉलिवुड के अमिताभ बच्चन, ऐश्वर्या राय और सलमान ख़ान की भी प्रतिमा है.

हाल के वर्षों में भारतीय मध्यवर्ग के आमदनी में बढ़ोतरी से यूरोप जाने वाले टूरिस्टों की संख्या में ख़ासा इज़ाफ़ा हुआ है.

लंदन स्थित तुसॉद म्यूज़ियम जाने वाले टूरिस्टों की संख्या को देखते हुए फ्रांस की सरकार को उम्मीद है टूरिस्टों का आकर्षण ग्रेविन वेक्स म्यूज़ियम में भी बढ़ेगा.



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