narayan thapa

Narayan Thapa:: Redhat Certified Engineer(RHCE), Redhat Certified Technician(RHCT),PHP Programmer and IT consultant from Nepal

Hi guys, its 0 am Jan 1 2007(here it Nepal) and happy new year to all. I hope new year will be progressive and more productive for all of you as well me  . Actually last year, it was much productive to me comparatively other latest years that I have stayed here in Kathmand (it was already 4 years).

Yea.. Some relations made new and some relations clear confusions that I was supposed to.. Among them, some are inexpertly heart to me.  But it’s a time that can be wrong anytime and can be good any moments and I am able and capable to handle myself on all bad situations. That I think a Brave man 

Professionally it was good to me. I have become Redhat Certified Engineer (RHCE) on last march and have learned some new things on PHP. I have started IBB and with new team SOM (school of marketing) and I think it will go on till coming Dec. minimum. We are doing some good things on it and hoping it will show something new here in Nepal.

Moreover, I have started to update my own site regularly and try to clear all gaps on communications with my guys (who want to read me  ).

Last night, it was so wonderful and we enjoyed much. First time I have danced a lot. I have forgotten all things at that time and enjoyed and enjoyed with friends (however it was family gathering on Suraj’s room)

For 2007, nothing… I am supposed to be Oracle certified and want to be a graduate. Then, nothing to say and may be some new things I will do but don’t know what.

Have a great and joyful new year 2007.


  1. Hi nthapa3,
    I have gone through your -’happy new year to u all’,
    I was surprise hearing u i mean your dancing! U danced? Really…?
    I wish i could catch that movement. Anyway, The secound paragraph is very touchy to me as well so far i know you and yiour feelings. You are the genious fellow of mine from whom i still have more to learn to be a genious among genuene.
    So far, taking about myself, i was a drunk guy at that movement. I followed Baccus but still i was not enjoing i don’t no why? Some things was lacking and pinching me as well. May be my eyes were glimping for …….?
    It might be you, Probably.
    Anyway, i wish all the best fot this wonderfull year and may your eye-dream come true with this beginning of this year.

  2. happy new year. may all your dreams come true. 2007 ma buhari ko mukh dhekna paiyos. paragi hos. red hat matrai hoina sabai ko enginner banna saknu hos.
    good luck.
    all my wishes to u.