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Narayan Thapa:: Redhat Certified Engineer(RHCE), Redhat Certified Technician(RHCT),PHP Programmer and IT consultant from Nepal

pokharaHi all. It’s too late to make wish you all for your success, good health and mainly for your happiness on this new year.. however be lated happy near.I hope, you all enjoyed on this great time to say bye for 2063 and to welcome 2064 for great change and success on your career and on your life positively.

Last year for me, not so bad as usual (ramra manchhe lai ramrai hunchha . kidding) and not super also. As I said on English New Year, we started some good works let see it’s impact on society, me and my team later. However we have started.

And plan, nothing. Just I want to go.. go and go ahead (where I don’t know haha).

My career, it’s going on. There are not any huge changes made.

Relations, it was good with family and friends. Some relations were not as sweet as I was on aspect. However it’s life and need to go on.. You can’t stop it anyway ;)

Beginning of this year, we (readnepal team) enjoyed (?) at Pokhara. We were 8 to visit many places that we ever visited before. Snap, snap and snap. Kehi ramra and kehi naramra.. ramra manchheka ta ramrai aaya and mera.. hehe however negative herer chitta bhujhauda hunchha (sorry guy, I just take your word here). It was not so good as we was thinking. Right guys? Some “tush” there ?? I don’t know. Please forgive me if I was wrong there anyway.  just forget all things and smile (that is good for health) haha.

We have visited Pokhara utsab (with ntv live), ping, fewa, boating, gbs (sarara hawa) begnash (chhal), chamere and mahendra (need to change name) gufa, david falls and more.. hahahahahahhaha.

bdayHey yea, happy b’day Phanindra sir. Time was for disco (tapaile na lage pani) k garnu wish ta ratinai gariyo.. ladies haru chandai sutnale gift on time dina paiyana as we planned (haina ta shree ?).

And at last, thanks bikramg(we are sorry ki tapaile office ma b da Linda pani hamile tyo time Pokhara visit garna use garna sakenou hai ) and bijayag for all of yours support and kind cooperation.

And now, again linux, PHP, hosting, domains, readnepal, thexmax, bestcommercetools, e-commerce (sorry Archana for delay for that project la) and website generator (doing for NITC, Nepal) and so on things.. however life is going on. Kasai sanga gunaso chaina kunai kurama pani. Heheh

Please post your comment la how you enjoyed on your year and your plan for this year.


  1. oh………….. mero photo net ma aayo ……….. thanks narayan sir tara tush vo negetive matrai aayo aafono ta jasto manchhe taestai photo nikaidiya, sarai kharab …………
    baki bihan uther nuhayer matari lekhchhu ……. kyuki karnali ma gadi gaye jastai va chha aafu lai netma thutunu dekhna pauda ta babai ……………………
    thanks n thapa sir tho k vanchha 1 barkha budo vako samabedana diye ko ma ta ………..
    anyway baki voli vetaula la ………..hai … nind………….bye

  2. 2064 ROCK!!!!!!

    ramro ramro saathi haru banauna paiyos.
    purano saathi haru sanga jhan ramro hos.
    thulo thulo kaam garna paiyos.
    $$$$ tanna kamauna paiyos.
    lau sabaiko ramro hos.

    you all guys are looking great.