narayan thapa

Narayan Thapa:: Redhat Certified Engineer(RHCE), Redhat Certified Technician(RHCT),PHP Programmer and IT consultant from Nepal

No one is perfect here… No one… me, you and no one…

MeAnd yea, there are many good and positive things… that indicates you… helps to know about you… to love you… to be in touch with you… to think about you… and to dream about you.. May be some good points are with me… surely no doubt…

My guys, loving friends… could you please let me know about my good and bad points that you have ever felt… with me… and want to continue good things and think… without those points… how I can be better and better… like you ;). Yea, that will help me to improve myself to be I AM THE BEST.

Thanks for your 5 minutes… you have spent to remember me…



  1. I have already mention about your positive things in my blog. reagarding bad points त्यो त हामिलाइ लाई बालै भयेन नि । lets not go into negative.

  2. I have already mentioned about your positive things in my blog. reagarding bad points त्यो त हामिलाइ लाई बालै भयेन नि । lets not go into negative.

  3. .. you are professional but one thing tapai yar khana khene belama ma tention dinu huncha … :grin::grin::grin::grin: so aali motaunus .. dont worry about the negative things .. you are gud .. aali aali negative pani hunu parcha ni mitra …

  4. 12/350!


    I used to say the words are poor to express our feelings!

    But from the couple of nights i came to realise the words are very powerful.
    The words are beyond our reach. The more u understands, the more u needs to know more & more…
    A word expresses something can be only understood by our own perceptions or the way we want to know it on our accords. This can be mare guess or assumption.

    This topic is good for discussions where we can mingle our head and heart together, i guess.

    By the way, I want to know what u understand about the topic. But it is very expressive and unusual for me. ———- Looks Mathematical! Isn’t it so?

  5. amm euta kura clean save nagarne. aba buhari aaye pachhi thik parli ni.
    euta kura samjhera khub haso uthchha. lazimpaat ma bihanai aauda kapaal nai nakori thado banayera aauda suresh , tapain ma ra pravash le jabarjasti Blue Bird ma lagera jel kindeko.

    haa haa ramailo ta ke laayo bhannu na tyo jel ta kahile pani use gare jasto laagena.

  6. ramsingh
    3:28 pm on March 9th, 2007

    :) haha..

    Khusi lagyo.. purano kura samjhida.. tara you know maile tyo jel 2 times lagayako thiya.. and aru banki thiyo.. kasari sakiyo, kaha gayo thaha bhayana..

    malai samjhana chha, maile 1 times ta nepal banda ko dina.. putalisadak sathiharu sanga tas khelna janda use gareko thiya.. and next time.. yad bhayana…

    thanks archana.. suresh, pravash.. kinidiyako.. ma to care me.. :) tara k garnu.. maile use garina.. sorry :)

  7. Hi Narayan Da!!

    I can’t forget that day!! When u came to my office and went on talking and talking with heaps of questions asking about the MCSE course… hahaha poor me… I din’t know that your were same Narayan that my sissy was talking about… anyways… talking about your good and bad points ..I don’t know about the bad points but I will definately not forget to write about your good points though I haven’t meet you much personally then also I think you are a very good, helpful, supportive person and very hard worker keep it up. All the Best.

  8. hee. about the matte o jel heee…….. kaha narayan ji le lagauni ni tyo ta sab bhai le lagyera khattam, please next one pani pauna paye ramreai hunthyo…. plese….
    narayan ji ko nam ma bhai po handsom…

  9. ramsingh
    3:35 pm on March 10th, 2007


    Thanks sadhana…. actually I was on funny mood on that day.. and went to take CD that archana said to me for one e-commerce (however client didn’t paid to archana)site ..

    I was on mood and talked with you as a visiter.. good.. counselling… ok it’s good ki you didn’t know me much personally.. natra I am not so good person as well ( :) ) haha tara tyati kharab pani haina..

    However, how is your days there in australia ? Is that really hard ?

    thanks for posting here .. and keep it up to post..

  10. Narayan - the creator !!!

    A good programmer , a good writer , a good newspaper reporter … and a good man overall.
    You are perfect in many aspects of your life.

    Just try to confess the biggest truth of your life’s with all of your friends, YEAHHHH you knew the topic I am talking about :lol: Try to confess your love to your girlfriend and share with your ferns too.

    Yours professional life is excellent…. A friendly … well qualified person…


  11. ramsingh
    5:01 pm on March 15th, 2007

    Thanks kaushal.. but don’t worry.. and no need to confess about it.. i have not any love… ok ? and from now.. guys.. we are not talking anymore about my gf and love .. i think.. it’s too much and this topic now going to bored me…

    a re yaar kaam ma concerntrate huna dinu na.. b kaar ma ma tention ma hunchha and drinking/smoking suru garula.. that is bad ..

  12. haa haa drinking/smoking and you.

  13. archana..’s a great thing.. you don’t know but i am feeling that… churot khanelai thaha hunchha why he/she is smoking… and i am feeling that such truth now.. you can’t avoid that saying any “darshank Kura” .. haha.. some sentimental hai.. however i am sure to not smoke…but drink.. ma hate ta gareko chaina.. kunai karanale bhaya pani.. so may be ma kunai dina khanchhu…………… ki !

  14. You had very helpful hands when I was new to BCT .. and, yes, I was doing php for the first time. We had good time there, cant find any of your negative points.

  15. :)

    Yes I know.. there is only a single guy who can say about all my bad points freely and point by point (mainly on sept). I am just waiting for that.. do you like to be that single one ?????? hahahah

  16. saathi jindaji ma sabai kura khau, churot khau , rakshai khau, G khau tara haresh chahi nakhau lol . :) :) :)

  17. saathi jindaji ma sabai kura khau, churot khau , rakshai khau, G khau, dhoka khau tara haresh chahi nakhau lol . :) :) :)

  18. Ma ra haresh.. haha.. i am strong to handle every bad moments.. that’s why .. i am the best .. :)

  19. Day
    9:48 am on March 30th, 2007

    Everyone is talking abt yr good points, of course u deserve it! No doubt, U r tallented in yr profefssion. and yr simplicity and foresightedness are the best that i see in you. Apart from these, i see something in u which i can’t stop telling u. That is, never let your anger rule your mind. of course, u’ve changed a lot than before, even though………..!
    Best of luck

  20. Ha! Ha! Ha! I enjoyed reading this posts and comments!

  21. :) thanks. Actually it is my diary blog. new post nagareko pani dherai bhayo (ma ali alchhi chhu ni ta so).. may be new year tira post garna parla..

  22. Redhat Certified Engineer ji, hamro project kaha pugyo? lau na chhito. hataar bho.
    bomb barsane bela bho hongkong bata.