narayan thapa

Narayan Thapa:: Redhat Certified Engineer(RHCE), Redhat Certified Technician(RHCT),PHP Programmer and IT consultant from Nepal

After a long time.. I have lunched IBB website (new look ?) and also corporate blog. URL’s can be browsed here

Internet Business Bureau

Internet Business Bureau - Corporate Blog 

Beside this, doing same job, same work, and same other few stuffs and trying few to complete (for new to post) and not sure but confident. I will post soon with new changes …..

hehe.. a lot thing to write.. but :( am little busy and as usual lazy to write .. also.. since 2 week.. it’s a tens moment.. few more calls.. few more emails.. trying to resolve a technical issue.. unnecessary and not invited guest moments to face.. few more hours to work.. not able to complete what i was thinking.. bunch of work.. unnecessarily remembering past moments.. cause it’s a time of closing.. (?) ..and again.. am confident… (after all.. Esp and lately.. Srilanka able to win after loosing.. election 2064, after loosing my analysis about gyanendra.. after loosing kolkata knight riders…. after loosing about my guess on hilari.. after loosing por.. after loosing cze..  and  after loosing… ) and am on my own form.. waiting few more good time..will back soon.. :)