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Narayan Thapa:: Redhat Certified Engineer(RHCE), Redhat Certified Technician(RHCT),PHP Programmer and IT consultant from Nepal


We are working for rural telecentre related things through CIT Nepal. We are already running rural telecentre with local ISP on Musikot(Rukum), rural telecentre on Thakurdwara Bardiya and trying to start on Arghakhanchi and other place as well.

Rukum, it’s ok and going smoothly. Thakurdwara, we have established before 9 months and it is also going ok. But there has financial problems to sustain.

Somehow, emotionally I was thinking to give computers on Adarsha Seconday School Khanchikot, Arghakhanchi (Because it has long reasons why I have choose and planed. I will write it later on detail when we will able to give). Thanks Bimal sir (Our chairman) to understanding me, my feelings and supporting on this case… It’s really appreciated things…I know how we are trying to manage resource to give..

On this trip, I was as a acting Secretary General to handle meetings.

In Nepal, really if there is no “Banda”/strike.. I don’t feel that I am in Nepal.. It’s like a habit.. and “used to” things..

We was planned to go last Friday and at that day.. it was Valley Banda and also chitwan Banda.. hehe.. somehow we was able to move from KTM on night bus .. we was 3 on bus and 4 on car.. it is really good to be on Butwal Buspark from 2am to 5:30am with chatting on a small tea shop.. (k garnu tyaha ta 90 minutes ko half hour pani baneko ramailo experience bhayo)

Arghakhanchi trip, it was successful(ghar ma 25 minutes matra basna paya pani) and again peoples was really happy after meeting and that make me happy as well (somehow feelings ko kura pani thiyo). It’s just not a thing of cheerful/smiley faces.
Bardiya, there was a problem to sustain and we was trying to handle situations to find better way on meeting with local users group named “Kisan Jagaran Samuha Nepal”(Batoma kurda, Teachers Service Commission ko sir lai lina Sikshya Office ko gadi  nabheteko bhaya k hunthyo thaha chaina, highway baat thakurdwar janda)

Rural Telecenter Nepal, Arghakhanchi & Bardiya Trip

I am not sure what it will happen, but we are trying to setup VSAT there. Let’s see and
will post following update later.

Also, at the same time, SLC supplementary result published(Publish hunda ma Bardiya kholama motorbike dhakeldai thiya :)  )  and I used telecentre to update things and thanks Ranjit to handle things as well..

Hehe, again at return time.. gorusinge banda.. and gadima kichkich .. “dhangadi ko gadima kahilyai jhagada hunthena , aaja kin yasto” conductor le bhaneko sunda how they was cheating peoples feel bhayo (Kapilbastu, bhairahawa bhayar jane kurama vadako kura garda. Dina sakne, nasakne ko kura thiyana.. was a thing of reasonable and convincible matter ..It’s really bad.. I can’t agree all those things.. and again jhagada )..

At last, trip was successful, new experience (After Chanouta) and handled new responsibility.

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After a long time.. I have lunched IBB website (new look ?) and also corporate blog. URL’s can be browsed here

Internet Business Bureau

Internet Business Bureau - Corporate Blog 

Beside this, doing same job, same work, and same other few stuffs and trying few to complete (for new to post) and not sure but confident. I will post soon with new changes …..

I have just few minutes write.. I am waiting for something.. that need to be done today..

I thought  to write.. and decided to write anout MySQL vs. PostgreSQL.

Nepal government is going to develop electronic gate pass system to make easy entry on Shinhadurbar. Project is ongoing e-governance practice..that is happening under NITC  

I have reviewed TOR (term of reference)  regarding to the project and really disappointed regarding to their theory and and their requirement for this.

I don’t know who prepared TOR for NITC (May be engineers who are working there or some another  IT company). But they decided to use PostgreSQL(I think first time in Nepal).

They  have prepared a long list about features for using PostgreSQL (I think that is not necessary to describe there) but they didn’t thought and described  about why they can’t do use MySQL.

I will post all details on next post (when I will have that TOR and detail about that project).

However according to my experience working with both database system and after doing research regarding to choose which database system is best for intranet (gate pass system also intranet application)/internet applications I prefer to choose MySQL. I have made intranet application for few government offices in Nepal and non government offices as well.

I will post all features regarding to both database system by comparing. But one truth and experience of most of the developers is “MySQL is relatively faster than PostgreSQL (which is need for this project)”.

I don’t know who is playing behind on this project.. beginning the preparing of TOR to.. but it is not a good way to use donors money as like this.. :)

haha, time up for now.. will post detail till end of this week. :)

SLC result 2063 has been published. More students are passed this year compared with previous years. I used to maintain website for Office of the Controller of Examinations ( We have got confirmed around 6pm that result is going too published. We (me with Deepak sir) moved around 8pm (because we was sure time can take till 12 as last year) with laptop and UDB drive.

We have meet Harka sir (Examinations (OCE) Chief) and other officials regarding to connect internet.

I came back from Pokhara on 3rd baishak. I know after that I need to work for IBB, readnepal and Besctommercetools (USA). Now, I am not taking RHCE classes at IID due to lack of time. However I used to work around 18 hrs everyday.

There was bunch of projects that need to complete on time. Ujyaalo FM, Gorkha Fm (website including live streaming) then jabegu ( Archana’s project), samatra, and CMS for National Information Technology Center, MLM system and regular job at BCT.

I wish, if I can make my duplicate using copy/paste of my keyboard. I wish to make my hands more on required time. I wish to use my single cell of mind to handle individual projects with coordinating single fingers and I wish to extend/zoom of minutes on every hour.

Hopeless wish, that can’t fulfill. What I need to do first? Confusing, all need to complete on time. I have started with Ujyaalo FM, because Gopal sir (Gopal Guragai) already requested to make complete before 29th April. Date was 9th anniversary of Ujyaalo FM and we was already planned to make live streaming from that date.

It was a CMS as well to update news frequently on Unicode. I have done that. Same time I have used for Gorkha FM because it was already late to lunch online streaming and Prakash sir and Padam sir was angry with us. Not more, I have used some hours for this as well.

Now we can listen Ujyaalo FM at and Gorkha FM at

What I need to do then, Surely I have requested more 6 days to complete this site. It was also already delayed. We were supposed to complete it by April 30 and I have not started to work again after New Year.

I was quite sure to complete on time this project. And I was serious as well. I was sure to complete this project using my next 24 hours. It was morning of 30 April and just 24 hours remaining. I have started to work on it. I have requested to collect product details with Archana and her guys. On that 24 hours, I am able to give 20 hours hardly on that project.

Result? We can think. Client fired with us. I was on chat with him. He was ok at beginning but at last he need that project complete by next day. I request to send feedback on completed parts and he said “read all emails that I have sent from 1st April”. I have forwarded that chat to Archana and said “sorry”. That make hurt to Archana. Project has been cancelled. Client gave list of his loss. He was totally depending with us. Archana fired with me. She emailed me and gave me thanks for that wonderful gift that I have given her.

I am sorry Archana for this. My apologies but that happen without any bad intention. I am sorry Jabegu.

She became angry. Sadhana did you told her anything? But still a lot project that need to do something. Started from ,samatra then now started CMS and MLM system.

21 days. A lot thing happens. Some projects completed and some new got and some are waiting for me. Archana became angry and who is happy ?